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Best Ways To Enhance Your Brain

Foods That Improve Your Memory and Boost Concentration

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The human brain is the most intricate and remarkable organ of the body. It stores retain and remember info, similar to the disk drive of a computer. Although, the function of the brain is the same for everybody, the capability to store and recall details might differ from person to person. Some are talented with a strong memory, while some find it truly difficult to recall things.
Boost Concentration
The mental ability of an individual can be described as the capability to store, maintain, and obtain information. It involves various complex processes and mechanisms that happen in various parts of the brain. To keep all these processes running smoothly, the brain needs appropriate nutrients, just like the rest of our body. The nerve cells and cellular tissues, which may go through wear and tear, go through deterioration. In order to renew the broken tissues, the brain needs a consistent supply of specific nutrients. These nutrients help repair the damaged cells, consequently boosting the brain functions and improving memory. These foods are referred to as brain foods.

Foods that Boost Memory

The best way to improve memory and concentration is by following a nutritious diet and a healthy way of life.


Anti-oxidants are not just efficient in boosting the immune system, they also play a crucial role in improving memory and other brain functions. Anti-oxidants have the capability to scavenge complimentary radicals, that are formed in our body when oxygen responds with certain particles. These free radicals are highly reactive oxygen types (ROS) which can harm the cells of our body. Antioxidants interact with these ROS and neutralize them, therefore reducing their damaging effects on the body. Furthermore, anti-oxidants help incorrect flow of oxygen through the body, thus improving oxygen supply to the brain and boosting its functions.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The human brain is comprised of more than 60% fat and most of it is omega-3 fat. It is also needed for the appropriate performance of our brain and is associated with the cognitive functions. It can not be manufactured in the body, which is why one needs to take in foods which contain these fats, in sufficient quantities and regularly. Fish such as salmon and sardine are an outstanding source of omega-3 fats.

Vitamin B.

Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid play an important function in preserving brain health and improving memory and concentration. These vitamins prevent damage of afferent neuron as well as help in the synthesis of red blood cells (RBCs). These RBCs boost blood circulation, consequently improving oxygen supply to the brain and other parts of the body. Fortified whole grain cereals are rich in folic acid (vitamin B9), that help in honing memory and enhancing concentration.

Milk and Eggs.

Milk and eggs are exceptional sources of choline, which is the building block of acetylcholine, which further is the main chemical needed for promoting memory. A choline deficiency can cause a mental decrease and may also add to the start of Alzheimer’s disease.

Consist of these brain booster foods in your regular diet to optimize your brain’s potential. A healthy diet matched with mentally-stimulating activities can help you hone your short-term, in addition to long-term memory!

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